7 Reasons why you shouldn’t translate your Curriculum Vitae

Traductanet gives tips on how to translate your Curriculum Vitae and 7 reasons why you shouldn’t translate your own Curriculum Vitae but rather hire a professional to do it. 


1 – If you are not fluent in a language, don’t translate;

When you do not have in-depth knowledge of a language, it is easy to make translation mistakes. Avoid mistakes related to wrong prepositions or errors caused by a lack of fluency. In the case of French, we have the example of the following false friends or cognates:

Attendre = wait;

Atender [answer] = recevoir, répondre


2 – Unfamiliar with Regional differences;

It is important to know the regional differences and adaptations to ensure the good translation of any document, especially when it concerns the translation of a curriculum vitae. Although the basis of language is the same (as is the case of Portuguese of Portugal and Portuguese of Brazil) there are regional differences that vary not only by country, but also by region within the country itself. It is difficult for a non-native speaker to recognise these nuances. However, if native translators are hired, such as the members of the Traductanet team, any mistakes caused by bad translations are prevented.


3 – Unfamiliar with local practices;

Although Europe has a CV standard (Europass CV) there are country-related differences for CV’s. For example, in the UK it is not usual to attach a photograph or indicate the date of birth, whereas such data is essential in Portugal. This information can be provided by specialised translators who, in addition to translating, can assist with tips and useful adaptations for the market/destination of your CV.


4 – Proofreading;

A translator could be the extra pair of eyes your CV needs. Everyone has submitted a CV to later find out it contained an error or mistake? When hiring a document translation services professional you can ask for any error to be highlighted. One of the benefits of not translating your own CV is exactly that, having an extra pair of eyes specialised in proofreading text that can detect errors or typing mistakes.


5 – To hire translation services is to gain wings;

Globalisation means more and more job opportunities around the world. Why not distinguish yourself from the other candidates and make your choices unlimited? You can have your CV translated into any language and you can submit it in any country. There are numerous jobs and business areas in which it is essential to know a certain language that does not always match that of the destination country. Therefore, you should not risk sending your CV without it being reviewed by a document and CV translation service company.


6 – Making Positions Held or Education and Training translation errors is a serious mistake;

One of the greatest difficulties in translating a CV is, without doubt, the positions and titles related to education/training and work experience. Translating these incorrectly or incompletely may cause job opportunities to be lost or may even generate mistrust among interviewers, who may interpret these "errors" as an attempt to deceive or lie about your skills. It is therefore crucial to ensure that the translations are correct.


7 – Translating everything is wrong;

One of the issues a professional translator can clarify is the need to translate a specific document or part thereof. For example, in the case of addresses or names of educational institutions, a translator can recognise which sections of text should remain untranslated and those which should be adapted to the local culture. This is because each country has its standards for writing or indicating addresses. A native speaker/translator immediately knows how to write them correctly.


These are the 7 reasons why you should think twice before translating your own CV. Seek out specialised document translation services and prevent setbacks. Contact Traductanet and request a budget. Use this specialised translation network with native translators and take the career leap you are looking for.

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