An invisible job

There are certain jobs that should be invisible to users. When they are, it just goes to show their quality. This is the case of multimedia translation. When we are watching a film and are distracted from the action by a poorly translated subtitle, it spoils the whole viewer experience.

The same applies to simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter not only has to respect the speaker’s rhythm and what they are saying but also the idea that they wish to convey. This is one of the reasons why interpreters must be able to see the stage and the speaker, as it enables them to read all their non-verbal cues.

A professional translation and interpretation service, like that provided by Traductanet, takes account of all these details to ensure that results achieve the quality required by our customers. Traductanet offers its customers a range of language solutions that includes translation, software localisation, transcreation, multilingual SEO, simultaneous or consecutive interpretation and terminology management.

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