If there is a market in which the effects of globalisation are felt with absolute certainty, it is the financial market.

And while English is the standard language used in international communication, foreign auditors, financial institutions and international banks with offices in several countries often feel the need to transfer some of the documents they work with into the markets in which they operate.

The high volume and minute detail of the information, combined with the confidential nature of financial documents, means that, most of the time this type of work is entrusted to a translation agency that fully meets the requirements as described: reliability and accuracy. Traductanet, with more than 30 years experience in this area and with the necessary know-how to scrupulously process the material, while simultaneously maintaining the highest levels of computer security, is that agency.

As in other areas of translation, financial terminology (with its extremely rigorous concepts that in translation must avoid any form of double meanings) is a challenge for our team of experienced translators. It is a challenge we take very seriously, ensuring all our customers that the data entrusted to us will receive the greatest care. And because “time is money” we will often work around the clock, so you can rest assured that whatever the time zone, it will never present an obstacle to a business opportunity.

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