In a world that is increasingly globalised, media-conscious and multilingual, the need for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation has become increasingly important.

Whether it be for short events, such as press conferences or other briefings (when the logistics dictate consecutive interpretation), or a major event like a seminar, meeting, course or speech (when simultaneous interpretation is the best way to optimise time and prevent excessive delays), this type of interpretation should always be a scrupulously accurate representation in one language of what is said in another.

In his usual ironic manner, Jorge Luis Borges would say “the original is never true to the translation”. At Traductanet, we make a point of not sharing the “old bard’s” delicious sarcasm and work every day to ensure more effective communication. With our extensive experience in offering simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services using only the most qualified and skilled professionals, Traductanet is setting the standard in this area.

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