Do you know what a dialect is?

Simply defined, a dialect is a variety of a language that can be distinguished by pronunciation (phonology) or vocabulary (lexicon).

Dialects may be regional, when they are confined to a certain location (such as the German variants in Switzerland). They can also be social, if they are limited to certain groups, as in some castes in India.

Dialects are a political and cultural statement, though recent studies seem to show that people who speak dialects have better language skills (like bilinguals). This ability not only includes learning other languages but also a larger vocabulary in the main language.

Here at Traductanet we make an effort to understand and comply with all our customers' wishes and needs. Our complete multilingual range includes technical translation and revision, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, terminology management and transcreation. You might say that here at Traductanet we speak your dialect!

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