How can translation services improve their customer care?

serviço de atendimento ao cliente

Responsive, attentive and efficient customer service is the best way to build customer loyalty. Not only do satisfied customers come back, but they also become brand ambassadors and recommend the company to their family and friends. So if you have a business do not neglect this service.
With this in mind, here is how you can use translation to help your company score customer service points and increase customer satisfaction.

Communicate in the customer’s language
Several surveys have shown that customers are more motivated to purchase when the service is presented in their language. This need for understanding is universal, so it makes perfect sense to support the customer at all stages of the purchase by “speaking” the customer’s language.

A more responsive service
It is essential for people working in the field of customer service to have the tools to support them and which make their job easier. So invest in processes that simplify customer service and that make it quicker and more responsive.
Besides, as those who work in customer service know well: the customer is not always right! Consequently, it can often be a thankless job, especially when dealing with angry and dissatisfied customers – and this is even worse when you are speaking different languages! With this in mind, there are some tools that make the task easier and less stressful for your staff. Here are a few suggestions:
– Content with pre-prepared and pre-translated answers
– Transcription services
Machine translation software
– Translation of manuals to provide faster answers

Oh, and if you are concerned about privacy and confidentiality, then you should know that whatever the field, translation companies have a legal obligation to ensure all the information they receive is treated with the utmost discretion at all times. So you can rest easy knowing that by contracting another company your customer’s privacy will be respected and their rights protected.