How long should a business translation take?


Working out how long it should take to do a business translation is not an easy task. When working with a professional translation company, many factors should and must be considered before giving a firm answer to this question, which is why delivery dates are generally determined by the nature of each project. Here, then, are some of the considerations to take into account.

Type of translation
Technical translations tend to take a little longer because of the demands of the translation, which always require specialist and in-depth knowledge of the subject.
Consequently, technical translations are always more complex and time-consuming!
To do this job, the translator will need to familiarise themselves with the subject matter and clear up any doubts. In short, they will need to study.

Number of words
When the budget is not per project, most translation companies prefer to charge by the word. Charging this way allows for fairer pricing since the time taken is always down to the individual translator.
However, please note that the price will vary according to the content and the language. As a general rule, the less common the language, the more it will cost per word. In these cases, the relationship between supply and demand has a big impact on the final price.
As for the time a translation will take, most translators can generally manage 2,000 to 2,500 words each day. However, some more experienced and faster translators can manage anything up to 4,000 words a day.

Urgent translations
For this type of service, you are always better off using a translation agency.
However, as you would expect, there is a premium to be paid. In other words, if you want your translation done quickly, then you will have to pay extra.
If the quality is not as important as speed, then one option is to use a machine translation service capable of translating large volumes of text in a short space of time.