The transition to teleworking and the new reality of social confinement has led to a significant increase in internet traffic. We are all spending more time online: we are visiting more websites, accessing social networks more often, and are looking for so much the search engines are smoking. 

In our efforts to adapt, our team is using and abusing the technology at its disposal to function remotely. 

In this period of transition to online, understanding user search trends and making the most of them to become more visible in the virtual world may well be the key to success. This key is called multilingual SEO, and Traductanet can help you take full advantage of it. 

With our SEO service, we survey the keywords most relevant to the customer’s field of activity or business, taking the market of interests into account. This way, your online content will always stay at the front of search results, ensuring they have a more significant impact in every language. 

Now is the perfect time to improve your search engine presence and to be the focus of your customers’ attention wherever they are in the world. With our help, you can be present out there, even when you are at home.

In these times of crisis and uncertainty, Traductanet continues to turn challenges into opportunities so that you can continue to prosper. 

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