How to evaluate web translation

There are two ways of getting a web translation of a website or app: either contacting a company or contacting an individual.

Specialist companies provide a service performed by varied, multidisciplinary teams. A web translation is carried out in accordance with professional guidelines and in a specific manner, for example, by making use of native-speaker translators and up-to-date terminological dictionaries. In other words, the evaluation of web translation is done in accordance with specific techniques which ensure the quality of the work.


Alternatively, if web translation is carried out by individual translators or freelancers, its final quality will usually hinge on just one person. This in itself could cause some shortcomings in the service. There may also be difficulties in complying with deadlines. Having a website translation carried out by an individual web translator can present problems such as a lack of up-to-date terminological dictionaries and lack of in-depth knowledge on the relevant subject. For this reason, it is important to take these factors into account.

In addition, the quality of the evaluation of a translation can be called into question when the translators are not native speakers, instead just living in the country of the language in which they are working.


Evaluation of a web translation:

To make sure a web translation is done well, it is necessary to adapt it to the specific needs its target markets. This requires specialist translators who meet all the technical requirements necessary to guarantee a final product ready for rapid commercialisation on international markets, thanks to an expert technical translation.

It is recommended that website translation is performed by companies like Traductanet, which specialises in linguistic services, guarantees quality translations and helps firms with internationalisation. This solution provides solutions for:


  • Website translation
  • Evaluation of translations
  • Creation or reengineering websites with any technology
  • Website localisation
  • Localisation and DTP of technical documentation no matter what the format
  • Technical drafting by specialists in the different areas
  • Software localisation, online help and multimedia


If you need any of these services, contact the Traductanet team or have us contact you.

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