Professional translation: the key challenges

Linguistic terminology is one of the key challenges of professional translation. Terminology management is essential to achieve good and consistent results over time. The professionals in this area use quality control tools so that the translation is as accurate as possible, tailored, appropriate for any context (for both the client and the market), as well as being consistent. By producing specific terminological databases we can guarantee linguistic consistency over time.


Traductanet has a range of teams of translators, interpreters, revisers and experts at its disposal, spread across the world, to guarantee a quality translation performed by native speakers.


Learn about the key challenges of professional translation [headings 2]


  • Terminological consistency across all of a company’s documents;
  • Quality when translating technical documents;
  • Efficiency in multilingual communication;                   
  • Creation of specialised monolingual and multilingual glossaries;
  • Preparation of terminological glossaries for specific purposes.

These challenges of translation are essential factors that translation companies must take into account, not just to meet the requirements of companies who looking for this type of service, but also to ensure a quality translation.


A translation company must have a team of professional translators, specialised in different fields. It is important that this team offers:

  • Technical translation services requiring specialist knowledge
  • Legally validated certified translations
  • Linguistic terminology relating to the sector
  • Multilingual search engine optimisation services


If you need a professional translation, look for a specialist company on the basis of these factors.

Bear in mind that although they have made significant progress in the past few years, online translation platforms have not yet succeeded in recognising the subtle nuances of human speech. Given that this involves machine translators that use examples of text that may or may not be correct, these tools are capable of translating, but are not able to use linguistic terminology correctly. It is in this way that professionals specialised in translation make the difference, meaning the final result is a text translated into multiple languages without errors or misinterpretations and adapted to the target readership.


Traductanet is a linguistic service company specialising in translation, software and website localisation, terminology management and interpreting.

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