If you are going to speak at a conference with simultaneous interpretation, please don’t forget that much of the success in transmitting your message involves a good understanding of your ideas.

It is essential for the interpreter that the speakers read their contribution with a good rhythm and, if it is very technical or if there are slides, then it is important that the interpreter gets to see them in advance in order to prepare.

In the case of films, which often include a soundtrack that makes it difficult to hear the dialogue, it is important for the interpreter to be given a copy of the scrip beforehand so they have a clear understanding of every word.

At Traductanet, a professional translation and interpretation agency, we always try to share this information with our clients.

Prior understanding of technical terms, preparation of glossaries and an awareness of the topic of each event is the foundation of the professional interpretation service we have been proud to provide for more than 30 years. Traductanet is the ideal partner for all your multilingual communication needs.

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