The importance of translation in the automotive industry

The importance of translation in the automotive industry

As we know, the automotive industry is made up of a diverse group of businesses and institutions engaged in the design, development, production, marketing and sale of automobiles.

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global automotive vehicles market reached a value of US$ 35.7 billion in 2021. Such a large industry needs professional language service providers to ensure smooth and accurate communication all around.

Keep reading to find out why translation is so crucial in the automotive industry.

What needs do translators meet?

There is no room for error in the highly specialised field of automotive translation. To successfully target customers so that they will purchase a brand or model, effective content management and product customisation must be taken into account.

This is done so as to meet legitimate local language and cultural preferences, and you may certainly rest assured your message will be conveyed, thanks to Traductanet’s massive network of certified native experts who have vast experience in rendering materials related to this industry.

  • Design material

Since design teams are often made up of people with different linguistic backgrounds, translation services are required – into several languages.

  • Manufacturing procedures

It’s critical for teams to adhere to exactly the same manufacturing procedures and achieve the proper level of quality control when a vehicle is developed in one nation and manufactured in another. As such, the thorough translation of manufacturing processes, regulations and other documents is necessary.

  • Marketing and promotional campaigns

The translation of marketing materials is essential in order to maximise sales in each target market, as is the case in all industries. Often, localisation or transcreation services are required in addition to translating, in order to effectively convey the intended marketing message.

Other relevant documents that need attention include learning materials, user manuals, safety instructions, catalogues, technical sheets, and internal and legal documentation.

Honda and Hyundai – Why you should hire a translator

In the automotive industry, car manufacturers seem to have a particular knack for naming models after… well, keep reading.

Honda was getting ready to introduce the Honda Jazz in its home market of Japan in 2001. In other countries, the car was once going to be launched as the “Fitta”, as it had a trendy sound and a distinct European character. However, at the last minute, someone from Honda discovered that the term had a totally different, less premium meaning in Swedish.

“Fitta” in Swedish is a vulgar description of a vagina. What’s more, the tagline for the model was supposed to be “Small on the outside, big on the inside”. Now imagine a Swedish person reading that.

As for Hyundai, the Hyundai Kona, which debuted in June 2017, had its name officially changed to Hyundai Kauai in Portugal. The SUV is called Kona around the globe, including neighbouring Spain, but in Portugal, it is called the Kauai. This is due to the name’s similarity to a vulgar slang… you guessed it, for “vagina”, in Portuguese.

A partner you can rely on

With established expertise and a proven reputation in the translation industry, Traductanet assists its clients in overcoming the difficulties of globalisation.

We are familiar with the automobile industry because we have collaborated with businesses and brands from all over the sector, as well as with linguists who have experience in this field.

Your translation will be handled by competent translators who are versed in industry terms and are proficient in translating all types of engineering, manufacturing, and automotive documents.

In view of all this, are you in need of a final product that is immediately ready for use in the automotive industry? Ensure the quality and accuracy of your projects by getting in touch with us. Don’t hesitate to request a translation quote!

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