Throughout history, translation has played an essential role in the global transfer of knowledge. From an early date, people have felt the urge to cross frontiers and communicate with others speaking different languages, making translation both a form of communication and a means of cultural transfer and of cooperation between nations. Today the European Union is a perfect example of this cooperation, with the people of its member states linked geographically, socially and economically.

Given the rapid and growing internationalisation of information, the human and social importance of translation, translators and translation agencies is now much greater than ever before. This has been made all the more evident by the growth of that most quintessential means of communication: the internet. Translation is currently performed within a language industry in which translation agencies are privileged agents.

Traductanet is one of the world’s most experienced agencies in the translation, interpretation, localisation and terminology sector. We work with the world’s major languages, covering a range of language combinations and critical areas of expertise to provide high-quality specialist translations in order to respond to the growing needs of our clients in a globalised context.

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