Medical translations require precision and rigour, particularly since the specific terminology deals with vital issues. What are the most common mistakes?

Abbreviations: A persistent problem

There are often many abbreviations for the same term, while a single abbreviation can also be used for different terms. Abbreviations are the cause of most medical translation mistakes.

Neologisms, synonyms and the development of language

One of the peculiarities of medical language is the constant creation of neologisms and the number of synonyms. The rate at which change occurs makes it difficult to keep specialist dictionaries and glossaries up to date, which causes translation problems.

Medical translation by health professionals

Because of the problems inherent to technical translations, we might be tempted to entrust a medical translation to a doctor, sacrificing the quality of the written text. However, mistakes are not only caused by specific terminology – the rest of the language must also be accurate and clear, which means it is better to choose a professional translator who has specialist training in the medical field.

At Traductanet your medical translations are in good hands, since we only use teams that are qualified and with proven experience in technical translations and medical terminology.

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