Things to bear in mind when getting a price for interpreting – Part III

So, you have chosen the type of interpreting, the timetable, languages and venue; however, you still have some work to do before getting a price. You still have to think about:

The equipment. A meeting with interpreting requires specific equipment and professionals experienced in providing this service. The equipment must be assembled and tested in advance, and it is important that the technicians be there throughout the meeting: the interpreters must focus only on interpreting. It is important there are earphones for the audience and that there is someone to hand them out and make sure they are all returned. If there are to be questions from the audience, then remember that the interpreters are in soundproof booths, so the audience will need to use microphones so the interpreter can hear them. The speaker’s microphone must also be suitable: clip-on microphones often give better results than those on stands.

The documentation. Interpreters are professional translators and not medical doctors or engineers. However, they can read up on these subjects in advance to ensure they can translate properly. To this end, it is vital you inform them about the subject of the meeting, share your programme and give them copies of the speakers’ presentations or the documents upon which they are based. This should be done as far in advance as possible. The better prepared the interpreter is, the better their interpretation will be

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