Three reasons to invest in multilingual marketing

A growing number of international businesses are investing in multilingual marketing content. This is the best way for them to reach a new audience and to retain existing customers, which is why they invest in translation and interpreting services. 

The Consumer Journey

Before we explain why you ought to invest in a multilingual text translation service, we remind you that the aim of online content marketing is to respond to the various stages of the Consumer Journey. These are:

  1. Awareness: When the user realises they need a solution to a problem/situation.

  2. Consideration: The consumer will research the best solution online to see how each option meets their needs.

  3. Evaluation: This is the phase before purchase, when the consumer assesses and compares products.

  4. Purchase: The final step, when the decision to acquire a particular product, service or brand is made.

Reasons to invest in multilingual marketing content

Now that you better understand the importance of online content, here are the three main reasons you ought to invest in multilingual marketing.

       1. Get close to your audience
Several studies have shown that users tend to be more ready to consume brands that 'speak' their language. They do so because it makes them feel closer to the brand and better represented.

        2 . Differential factor – and trust
Investing in multilingual online marketing content is the best way to present yourself as a reference in any particular subject, which will immediately set you apart from the competition. This way, consumers know they can trust your brand. Once they are satisfied, they will more readily become brand ambassadors and recommend you to their friends.

Imagine, for example, that you work in the pharmaceutical industry and have an online store. A customer who is unsure whether or not to buy a particular product will feel more confident in taking a risk if they understand the language and purchase terms. Moreover, they will know that if there is any problem or need more information, they can easily get in touch with Customer Support while speaking their own language.

          3. In-depth knowledge of your target audience 

In these cases, professional translators are trained to write in a way that takes each audience's characteristics into account. Consequently, translation and interpreting services respect not only the language and the message but also the characteristics of the target audience and their consumer spending habits
Here is another example: if your restaurant chain is to open in other countries, you need to know the Spanish tend to take their lunch at 2pm, while in Germany, many restaurants begin serving before midday. 

Multilingual SEO is much more than a simple text translation service. It involves knowing how to use the right keywords and understanding idiomatic expressions, and using a tone that is representative of your target audience. 
While the official language of the United Kingdom and the United States is the same, the expressions used, the vocabulary and way of communicating are very different between them. Don't you think investment in local content is essential if your business is to be successful in these markets?

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