Traductanet attends LocTalk, the largest conference in the industry

Traductanet attends LocTalk, the largest conference in the industry

On 27 October, Traductanet joined the industry’s biggest online event on translation and localisation, LocTalk by Smartcat, where captivating presentations, thoughtful discussions and networking with professionals took place.

This was of the utmost importance for us, since Traductanet is one of the go-to partners for translation, software and website localisation, transcreation, multilingual SEO, content creation and interpreting.

Keep reading this article to discover the most interesting and practical insights we have gathered from the talks hosted at the conference.

Localisation and global equity

Working directly to exceed customer expectations, we swiftly and effectively respond to the increasing demands of globalisation across all areas, including a contribution to global equity.

We maximise the benefits of our efforts when it comes to localisation by ensuring a high-quality service, employing specialised professionals, using cutting-edge translation tools and maintaining a strict quality control system.

This is crucial, as pointed out by three language experts at How Localisation can Help Achieve Global Equity – Peggy Liao, Sarah Presch and Stella Hodkin Paris. It was rewarding to revive the notion that our realities vary from place to culture, culture to culture and person to person. Because of this, we must strive to meet people where they are and, in doing so, promote fairness and equality.

Optimising and empowering our services

A further goal of Traductanet is to overcome linguistic obstacles and support our clients’ competitiveness, growth, innovation and success. As such, expanding the expertise we have to manage relationships is key. We were happy to learn more about how organisations can create meaningful, value-based and mutually-beneficial connections through an expert panel composed of Ketty Tirrito, Giulia Greco and Ingrid Christensen.

As we know, long gone are the times when translators used typewriters and handwriting, when learning the meaning of a word required access to a handful of large, hefty dictionaries and when translation required a disproportionate amount of time.

Here at Traductanet, we have moved with the times and engaged with the huge technological developments over recent years. As such, we could not miss AI in the Here and Now – Emerging Trends, led by Josef Kubovský and Derick Fajardo, which provided shrewd insights on AI and machine translation.

According to the panellists, the world has but scratched the surface of what is possible. We had the opportunity to explore the industry’s latest innovations, how companies can further utilise the technology, how to keep up to date with the latest advancements and how to find a balance between humans and machines, aiming to offer the best solution possible.

Internationalisation and SEO

Marketing is an ever more important aspect of translation and should be considered. On that note, internationalisation is the process of making engineering, design and copywriting decisions that will, down the road, make it easier to localise a product.

With Sarah Presch at Making “Cultural SEO” an integral part of internationalisation, we explored the reasons behind people’s behaviours, which are influenced by culture and impact SEO and consumer behaviour.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, is the science of improving a website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services through keywords and descriptions.

By looking at sociology and psychology, we learned how to advance our service provision and be an asset to those who resort to us with these concepts in mind.

Thank you, LocTalk

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the speakers at LocTalk, who gave incisive and important contributions that we can all use in the language service industry.

We cannot wait for next time!

If you require a language service provider who is up to date on the most relevant advancements in the industry and would like to know more about how you can take your communication to the next level, contact us and request a free quote!

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