Translating in the age of Covid-19: Is the translator immune from the new coronavirus?

Of course not, but as is the case with many other professions and activities, translation is, by its nature, an activity that demands a certain degree of “confinement”, at least in the sense that translators generally work in isolation. From this perspective, it can be said translators are already experts in terms of isolation and social distancing. 

Translation demands concentration and separation from the world around us: we work best when we are sat by ourselves in front of a computer. Indeed, being interrupted or disturbed by others will often impair our productivity. In purely operational terms, then, the Covid-19 crisis has not seriously affected the work of translators. Contributing to this are the technology and other resources that are available, if not indispensable, to translators, including good organisation.

Working with a translation company like Traductanet, which is well organised and equipped with the latest technology, makes the translator’s job much easier. It is at times of crisis that the efficiency and effectiveness of companies are revealed, regardless of what they do. The Covid-19 crisis has been an opportunity to put to the test our ability to continue working with the same levels of quality. And it is thanks to our good quality management system and all the processes involved in translation that are available within a modern company that the translator does not notice any difference between working in the office and working remotely. 

So, in answer to our initial question, we can say translators are generally immune to many of the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis: the lockdown and safety measures put in place have not affected translators as much as they have people working in other professions.

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