Translation for companies: what to expect

Companies increasingly need to communicate with the rest of the world, meaning they require a professional translation service to promote their business.

Imagine for instance, that someone visiting your website finds texts and articles containing expressions or even paragraphs that are translated literally or badly. In some cases, this may cause a potential client to leave your site immediately. It can also compromise the credibility of your brand.

One of our main pieces of advice for you is to always have a translation performed a company that specialises in your area of business and in translations for companies. Also make sure to work with technical translators, preferably native speakers.


The professionals at Traductanet are translators and native speakers of the language they work in. All of them have a university degree and specialist training so that the translations are adapted to your area of business.

For a truly excellent translation service, you need to find the perfect company. One that will have the right word and knows which idiomatic expressions fit your site perfectly. This type of translation by companies is what we call a complete translation service, from and into any language.


Traductanet relies on teams of translation specialists, most of whom live in their respective countries of origin.


Some of the benefits of working with a specialised translation company include:


  • A service with quality control;
  • Translators with a university degree and additional specialist training;
  • Tailored translation services.


To facilitate communication, each client is assigned a dedicated manager who is responsible for monitoring the translation jobs from beginning to end. In addition, Traductanet has its own internal standards and procedures for controlling the quality of its translations.


When you are looking for a translation company, it is necessary to take the following factors and essential processes into account to ensure a quality translation, which helps to promote your brand in an increasingly competitive market: a specialised translation team; revision of translations; transparent project management; optimisation of delivery times; tailored services and flexibility of administrative processes.



 Traducanet’s translation services include:


  • Technical and scientific translation;
  • Software translation;
  • Website translation;
  • Translation of manuals;
  • Translation of apps;
  • Technical and linguistic revision and proofreading
  • Technical editing;
  • Legalisation and authentication of all types of official documents;
  • Creation and management of terminological glossaries for clients.


To get a firm idea of the services that you need, contact the Traducanet team or get a free quote without making any commitments. If you prefer, you can request to be contacted by leaving your details.


In addition, here are some testimonials from companies which Traductanet has provided with translation services. 

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