In the field of medical and pharmaceutical industry translation (, Traductanet offers translation, interpretation, software and website localisation and terminology management services designed to meet the needs of companies and public institutes operating in this area.

Medical translation mainly involves such materials as: pharmacopoeias, product monographs, medication information sheets, clinical analyses, scientific partnerships and a range of articles for publication in specialist journals.

Since 1989, Traductanet has won several European Union contracts to translate medical terminology and documents in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The growing internationalisation of products from the large pharmaceutical companies has led to an increase in demand for translation ( and localisation ( services, and an ever increasing concern for the quality of translations.


It is important for the translator to have in-depth knowledge of the industry, the various products and the terms used, as well as a high degree of specialisation in order to guarantee the quality of translations.

Equally important is knowledge of current legislation, of medical terminology, on the possible secondary effects of medication and of chemical terminology in describing the composition of each product (

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