What are the main challenges of translating for social networks?

Social networks

No matter the sector you operate in, it is nowadays essential to have a social network presence. If your customers are there, then your business also has to be there.
An active social network presence is one way to grow a community of (loyal) followers around your business, something that can help your brand reputation.
With this in mind, here are some social network translation challenges that demonstrate the importance of using a professional translator to do this kind of work.

Socio-cultural sensitivity
When translating for social networks, much more than just a technical translation service you will need a specialist service with a good understanding of your target audiences and how they speak and express themselves. On social networks, it is important to speak your users’ language and understand their context, behaviour and preferences. This is the only way to create and cultivate a close relationship between them and your brand/company.

Character count
Even if you just want a literal translation, you run the risk of exceeding the character limit on Instagram or Twitter, for example.
If you have social networks in different languages, then it is important the content translation service makes sure the message you want to get out actually gets out, all while respecting each network’s restrictions.

Be creative
Creativity is also important. Don’t just use your social networks to sell. They are unique tools that can be used to entertain and create a relationship with the public.
It is crucial that you take this into account when preparing your social network marketing strategy, and that you create content capable of “reaching” a wide range of people.

React in real time
It is also important that you react to events quickly. When you put out messages on social networks, you need to be aware of what’s going on around you.
Without any doubt, this is the best way to go viral and gain more followers. So, if you decide to hire an agency, then make sure it works with translation agencies capable of immediately providing suitable responses.