Why not hold your meeting in English?

When you think about organising a meeting, you do so because you want to share a particular message. That is, the meeting with several people takes place because of a need to communicate a particular strategy or to exchange ideas on an issue. That being so, does it make sense compromise the results of the meeting by deciding all those taking part speak the same language, regardless of whether or not they are fluent in that language?

But there is another aspect that should be taken into account: do all those at the meeting have the same level of English? Are they able to express themselves without difficulty during the discussion, or in questions and answers?

One way of overcoming these difficulties is simultaneous interpreting. If communication is key, then you must invest in this service because it is the reason for holding the meeting. And there are various options that enable some resource savings: find common languages, create an agenda that makes best use of time, select only some interventions for interpretation. A certified translation and interpretation company, like Traductanet, can help you on these matters.

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