Audio Transcription Service

Do you need an audio transcription in another format? Entrust your content to our language services agency, Traductanet. We offer the know-how and extensive knowledge of experienced professional transcribers.

The audio transcription service is available in different languages and is performed by native professionals with extensive cultural and social knowledge who guarantee that nothing is lost in the adaptation of audio to text. The project is delivered with the best quality, and our transcribers ensure the highest level of confidentiality, professionalism and attention to detail.


Traductanet’s audio transcription services provide the adaptation of different content in different business areas:

  • Podcast transcriptions.
  • Transcriptions of interviews.
  • Transcriptions of business meetings.
  • Transcription of medical notes.
  • Transcription of legal documents.
  • Transcripts of conferences, seminars, symposia.

Using the latest tools and techniques, our team of specialist multilingual professionals will work with recordings in various formats, recording the content and accurately and quickly transcribing it into any text format.

This service includes the revision and formatting of the text and its delivery in digital format.

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Our mission, then, is to break down language barriers and contribute to our customers’ competitiveness, growth, innovation and success.
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