Software and Website Localisation

Website localisation is the process of refining and optimising the content of a website considering the culture and language of a market to provide the most useful and relevant user experience.

At Traductanet, we translate and localise websites into more than one language, adapting digital content to the linguistic, social and cultural characteristics of the markets.

Thanks to the technical skills of our specialist translators and the use of computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, we produce high-quality translations that improve our customers’ projects, speed up their communications and guarantee that a product is immediately ready for use in international markets.


The 3 essential steps to website localization:

Language: a fully translated website considering cultural nuances

Graphics: images and videos should be adapted and/or replaced to be culturally appropriate

SEO: multilingual SEO will help to be found in the search engines of the new markets

Traductanet provides turnkey solutions for:

  • Website creation or redevelopment using any technology;
  • Website localisation;
  • Localisation and preparation of technical documents in any format;
  • Software localisation, online and multimedia help.

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