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In his 1819 novel, Ivanhoe, Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832), considered by many to be the creator of the historical novel, narrates the tale of the struggles between Saxons and Normans and the efforts of Prince John to dethrone his brother, Richard the Lionheart and in passing highlights a number of linguistic curiosities.

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Communication in the animal kingdom

While different from that of humans, communication in the animal kingdom is nonetheless real. While more common within species, although it can also occur between different species of animals, it has different ends, such as finding mates, coordinating group behaviour, establishing hierarchies or protecting the young.

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Non-verbal language

The anthropologist Ray Birdwhistell states that in any face-to-face conversation, only 35% of the message is transmitted through words, and that the remaining 65% of what we say is transmitted through gestures, facial expressions and posture.

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