In this era of globalisation there is more translation work than ever. International businesses reach increasingly greater levels of sophistication, demanding and creating an enormous volume of documents and correspondence and a huge number of web pages, involving partners from all over the world with different cultures and languages.

It would be nice to know when you can rely on a machine translation and what to expect from such a translation, and when to use a professional translator. Despite some clear benefits, such as economic accessibility, permanent availability and immediate access to a wide range of source and target languages, machine translations are not without their problems.

In fact, the disadvantages include the fact machine translations only translate words without taking into account their different meanings, the context or grammatical structure, with the result that the resulting sentences and texts are often imprecise, or even incomprehensible.

So, when you need well structured, clear and understandable texts, you should make sure your text is translated by a professional, as a combination of machine translation and post-editing and final processing will be required. Traductanet has an international team of highly specialised translators supported by the most sophisticated and advanced professional translation software.


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