Interpreting Services

We interpret to and from all languages, and our team includes professionals who specialise in a wide range of technical areas and interpret only into their mother tongue.

There are many facets to our interpreting services. In addition to the basic interpretation services, we can advise you on the type of interpreting most suitable for an event (consecutive or simultaneous), on the selection of the interpretation team, the appropriate conditions, and provide the technical equipment necessary for interpreting services at any event.


Our interpreting services include:

  • Simultaneous interpreting / Conference interpreting.
  • Consecutive interpreting.
  • Whisper interpreting (chuchotage).
  • Business interpreting.
  • Training course interpreting.
  • Escort interpreting.
  • Supply of technical equipment.
  • Supply of audio-visual equipment.

We also offer a conference translation service where we create teams of translators who can work locally or remotely and translate all the conference documentation.


Why should you hire an Interpreting Service?


Inclusive and Engaging Experience:

By offering interpreting services, you ensure that all conference attendees, regardless of their language background, can fully participate and engage. This inclusivity creates a welcoming environment where participants can understand and contribute to discussions, presentations, and Q&A sessions in their native language.


Reach a Global Audience:

Using interpreting services breaks down language barriers and allows you to attract a broader audience for your conferences. It opens the door to international attendees, expanding your conference’s reach beyond your local or regional audience. This broader reach can lead to increased brand exposure, networking opportunities, and potential business collaborations.


Ensure Effective Communication:

Conferences often involve complex and specialized content, such as technical presentations, industry updates, or product launches. By using interpreting services, you ensure that this information is accurately conveyed to participants in their native language. This helps prevent misunderstandings, improves knowledge retention, and enhances the overall effectiveness of your conference.


Better Networking and Relationship Building:

Conferences provide valuable networking opportunities where you can connect with industry experts, potential partners, and clients. With interpreting services, language barriers are eliminated, allowing you to communicate and build relationships more effectively. This facilitates meaningful connections, leads to potential business collaborations, and strengthens your industry networks.


Compliance with Regulatory Requirements:

Depending on your industry or location, certain conferences may have legal or regulatory requirements for providing interpreting services. For example, conferences related to healthcare, legal matters, or government policies may need to ensure language accessibility to comply with regulations. Utilizing interpreting services helps you meet these requirements and ensures that all participants have equal access to information and discussions.


By using our professional interpreting services, you create a more inclusive, engaging, and effective environment for your attendees. You expand your audience, foster better networking opportunities, and comply with relevant regulations, ultimately enhancing the success and impact of your conferences.

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