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In this age of ever-faster digital transformation, technology has become an increasingly integral part of our lives. Translation is no exception. Long gone are the days in which translators worked longhand or with typewriters, when finding out what a word meant involved gaining access to a limited number of heavy specialist dictionaries, when translation was a very time-consuming process.

Here at Traductanet, we have moved with the times and engaged with the huge technological developments in the field of translation over recent years. We have always been one of the first to adopt the latest tools capable of speeding up the translation process, guarantee the quality of the final product and reduce our delivery times to customers.

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Computer Assisted Translation


Guarantee Terminological Consistency

Over 70

We use the market-leading CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools to increase our translators’ productivity and guarantee terminological consistency.

Whenever necessary, we use machine translation engines customised by field and customer to further drive down costs and delivery times.

Our TMS (Translation Management System) enables us to automatically and efficiently manage the entire translation process, freeing our project managers to focus on our customers. This system also allows our customers to request translations or quotes online, download completed work and review the full order and invoicing history. The system is hosted locally on Traductanet’s servers and is accessible via a secure connection that complies with the ISO 17100 and 15038 standards that guarantee the highest possible security standards.

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We offer complete translation services from and into any world language and in most technical areas.

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