How important is technical translation during a pandemic?

Did you know that technical translation requires specialist knowledge in order to guarantee the accuracy of the information collected and shared by researchers around the world?

The new coronavirus has led to laboratories around the world working together in the search for a cure for COVID-19. Sharing information on blood tests, virology, drugs and other research work depends on the ability to understand the information transmitted.

Without the assistance of translators who can offer high-quality translation services, the knowledge gained and discoveries achieved could be lost in translation. Translation errors in highly specific documentation could result in substantial financial losses for companies. Still, in the context of a pandemic, the price could be even higher: it could be the difference between whether or not a vaccine is developed.

The translation of technical documentation demands meticulous attention to detail and in-depth knowledge, in this case in the fields of medicine, pharmacy and chemistry, as well as an understanding of the specific terminology in different languages. In addition to defining criteria, technical documentation frequently conveys or describes instructions and guidelines. 

The technical translator, therefore, needs to be very familiar with the contents of the technical documentation to understand it properly.

The complexity and responsibility of this kind of work make the translator of scientific articles a commissioned professional who, if poorly prepared, can be responsible for serious and costly mistakes.

The professionalism and level of knowledge required for this vital work demand the selection of an exemplary and specialised company. Traductanet offers technical and scientific translation services in all languages and is committed to finding the best solution to meet its customers’ needs.

All translations are overseen by a dedicated project manager and subject to rigorous quality control, which means the work is monitored during all stages of the process.

Moreover, our Terminology Management Service, which ensures accuracy and consistency, adds quality value in the provision of specialised translation services.

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