From our assiduous contact with our clients we have realised, firsthand, the notion of the rapid change of priorities and demands during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Shorter deadlines and quicker deliveries are just some of the most vocal demands we have encountered. 

Given the pace at which the current scenario is evolving, with new measures and restrictions announced daily, we fully understand that communicating the right information in a timely manner becomes a priority for our clients.

Bearing in mind the most urgent work and the importance of a swift response to the needs of the moment, such as the translation of current news about the pandemic, announcements of new contingency measures and updates on company operations, we are very pleased to provide access to our client portal

At a time of remote working, when concerns with cyber security must be redoubled and rapid responses to requests are a priority, our order management platform offers many advantages. 

Through our portal, the sharing of in total security and confidentiality and the fast submission and processing of requests are just two of the ways we can help companies through this difficult time. Please contact us if you would like to know more!

You can count on Traductanet to keep its employees abreast of current events and able to face the new challenges of remote working with due security and speed.

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