Languages and business relationships are inseparable nowadays, competing side-by-side for an increasingly more inclusive posture and for success in the world of business.

In Europe, many educational institutes are paying more attention to this area by offering their students bachelor’s and master’s courses. There has also been a multiplication of the events and conferences on these themes in the last years, which is proof of growing awareness by all involved as well as by society in general.

Through the many language solutions we make available to our customers, including translation, interpretation, transcreation, multilangual SEO, content creation, technical terminology, creation of thematic glossaries, etc. – services that support modern organisational and interpersonal communication techniques and tools, and in the understanding of and access to specific basic knowledge indispensable for fluid and satisfactory communication and information sharing – Traductanet works with and in languages on behalf of companies, administrations, institutes and organisations.


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