Lessons learned in times of global lockdown

As the long-term impact of the Coronavirus pandemic unfolds, challenges and opportunities seem to be going hand in hand. This holds true both for our own industry and those we are lucky to supply.

In our continuous effort to respond to rapidly changing trends, we have been pleased to play a key role in our customers’ communication and increasing online presence. 

Whether by helping companies share the latest updates of the pandemic in different languages or staying connected with business partners worldwide in fully remote work mode, we are committed to turning unmatched challenges into a win-win situation. 

For our customers, this is the time to thrive online and take full advantage of the services we offer. Thanks to our long experience in localisation services, our customers’ projects involving website and software translation in any language couldn’t be in safer hands. 

As national and local governments are tightening lockdown measures and legal frameworks daily, conveying the right information for each location becomes a priority. Meanwhile, managing to reach out to foreign markets from a home office is the new big brainteaser. 

Traductanet is here to help you make sense of the news, no matter in what language, and put yourself out there while working from home. 

Stay connected and safe.

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