The transposition of software and computer apps into another language is currently one of the most sought after translation services. The marketing strategies of many companies is based on a growing concern in ensuring their product reaches the biggest audience in the most accessible way possible.

A survey of 350 people from several countries conducted by the American data research company, Common Sense Advisory, revealed that 90% of software buyers preferred to buy localised products in which the content had been translated into their native languages.

Aware of these numbers, Traductanet offers its clients the most trustworthy software localisation services.

At Traductanet, we offer a personalised service that takes note of the specifics and requirements of your company and supervise the process from beginning to end. From the adaptation and translation of the user interface (error messages, menus, status messages, dialogue boxes, etc.), online documentation, including technical documents (installation manuals, configuration guides, user manuals, etc.), marketing and advertising material, training videos and multimedia courses.


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