The repeated use of any lingua franca has negative effects. Mimicking the eucalyptus, it dries out everything around it, contributing to the syntactic and lexical impoverishment of other languages. And once this linguistic exclusivity finds the ideal platform for promoting its hegemony, then it will become a monopoly.

As a tool, the internet can be very rewarding, and among those who already have a firm command of their mother tongue, the harmful effects of this almost exclusive exposure to a single language may be overlooked. However, children and young people who have not yet fully consolidated their native language, the influence of a language like English, with all its hegemony, can threaten this process.

At Traductanet we do not claim to be guardians of the Portuguese language in its more crystallised form, nor do we deliberate over what is right or wrong. But because we understand the primacy of the plasticity of language, we are fully aware of the need for it to constantly adaptation.



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