Traductanet at the QSD German Language Industry Networking Event

On 17 September, Traductanet had the pleasure of attending this online event organised by QSD, the German association for translation businesses.

More than 170 people connected with the language services industry took part, including freelance linguists, heads of translation agencies, project managers, commercial managers and the representatives of important linguistic technologies.  

While the event was entirely virtual (because of the continuing pandemic), it lacked little of a face-to-face meeting. As for us? We were in our element! Through the presentation of the results of a QSD survey and in conversations with peers and colleagues, we learned about the current state of the language services industry in a market in which we have been positioning ourselves as partners with satisfied customers for decades.

Which are the main translation agencies in Germany? How has the search for specialist translation services progressed? What are the most used translation tools and what technological solutions are currently in vogue? What does the client value in a translation service provider? What can we expect in the future?

After hours of intensive networking, dozens of exciting conversations and some technical bugs, we have finally switched off the cameras and microphones in the certain knowledge that the answers to these questions will help keep us abreast of global innovations and able to continue offering a service of excellence.

Do you want to get into the German market? Then place your trust in our ability to produce and publish content with an impact on your future partners and customers.   

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