Webinar on European Union Open Data – EU multilingual resources

In an increasingly digital world in which information reveals more and more of its power, all work involving data are also being increasingly requested in the most varied areas of our lives. Translation is no exception. In the same way as other sectors have had to develop or make use of specialist data services, translation has also had to invest significant resources in this area.

When we speak of translation, we inevitably speak of multilingualism and terminology, and these were the two aspects discussed at a webinar organised by the Publications Office of the European Union and dedicated to EU Open Data.

This event briefly explained how the EU terminology database, IATE, works, as well as all the activities that go on behind this project, which involves a great deal of work on the most technical aspect of data.

As well as this searchable “multilanguage dictionary,” there was also a presentation on a vital resource for all translators working on documents from EU institutions: the translation memories. For those who are not familiar with these computerised tools translators use for their work, translation memories (TMs) are a record of translated phrases that therefore do not need to be translated again. 

The EU institutions, therefore, provide a useful service to the public in general and the translation community in particular by making these data openly available.

More information about the EU Open Data Portal can be found here: 


More information about the webinar can be found here:


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