Translating texts in record time

It is important that a quickly translated text takes a range of factors into account: if the text being translated is relatively short there are online translation platforms that may be of help. However, although these have become useful tools for translating a text in record time, in many cases they prove not to be very effective. This is because the text produced is not subjected to quality control.

This is one of the main differences between texts translated by a translation agency or company and texts translated using an automatic tool. Machine translation engines do not resolve ambiguity or carry out  linguistic corrections. In addition, they have a limited range of terminology. They do not carry out any geographical adaptation. When the translation is done by a human and the person translating the next is a native speaker of the language, you will notice big differences in the final text.

The recommendation of Traductanet, even if you need a text translated in record time, is to contact a translation company and get a quote. Even where it’s necessary to meet deadlines, in the end it is more advantageous to invest in the translation of the text as soon as possible. Remember that a good translation can lead a user to contact your company or help in concluding a deal, and an incorrect translation could mean losing a potential client for good or misinterpreting product statements or instructions.


How to get your text translated in record time:

  • Contact a translation company;
  • Clearly define deadlines in the request for a proposal, whether it is for a quick translation or not;
  • Revise the proposal as quickly as possible in order to provide the company contracted for the job with additional valuable time;
  • If possible, schedule a phased delivery of translations to achieve the best balance between quality and delivery times.


These are some of the advantages which will help you get a quick translation of a text and also help you get a quote on time. Even if your request is very urgent, you should get in touch with a translation company, given that quality control is indispensable for a translation in any area of business.


If you need a complete translation service, from or into any language, the professionals at Traductanet only translate into their native language, with most of them living in their respective countries of origin. Contact the Traductanet team or have us contact you.

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