t’works rides high on the Slator and Nimdzi indexes

The t’works Group has announced its highest-ever position on the Slator Index (59) and on the Nimdzi 100 list (76); both indices rank the world’s largest Language Service Providers (LSPs).

This news comes after a period of strong growth and the consolidation of the group’s position on the market. The Slator index is based on US dollar revenue during 2021 and includes around 300 translation, localisation, interpreting and language technology companies. The Nimdzi 100 index, published by the Nimdzi consulting company, similarly classes LSPs generating at least USD 10 million per year.

The data collected in order to create these lists provide an overview of the state of the language services industry. Not only do these indexes tell us who the market leaders are, they also allow us to draw some conclusions:

  • Both Slator and Nimdzi estimate the industry grew by about 22% during 2021, while the world was in the middle of the pandemic.
  • There is a trend towards consolidation, with a growth in the number of acquisitions and mergers during a period when much of the growth has been “organic” (for example, increased turnover).
  • The industry is dynamic, with around 100 companies appearing on the Slator index for the first time this year.
  • LSPs are increasingly innovative, demonstrating a capacity to adapt to the new working conditions engendered by the pandemic.

The t’works Group is clearly a part of this picture. It recorded a remarkable 44.4% growth (more than USD 25 million) in 2021, and now has more than 200 permanent employees. The group has expanded the size and scale of its operations with the acquisition of its Portuguese affiliate, Traductanet. The company has been on a clear trajectory of rapid progress, which it intends to stick to going forward.


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