What types of translation services are there?

translation services

Just as there are many different types of documents and archives, it makes sense that there are also different types of translation services.
So, just for you, here is a list of the main translation services available.

Certified translations
This type of translation is almost always required by foreign institutions and courts as a way of validating the information. Marriage certificates, birth certificates, property purchase and sale documents, death certificates and criminal records are just some of the types of information that might require a certified translation.
Given its importance, this type of translation must be carried out by certified translation services, according to the certification process in the different countries.

Technical translations
Equally demanding is the work of a technical translator. Technical translations cover every field of knowledge, from texts on chemistry, pharmacy and medicine to engineering, law, economics and finance.
The translator needs to have an in-depth understanding of the topic, they have to be fluent in the language and style and be familiar with the terminology.
Technical translations are not limited to any specific area, but can cover topics as diverse as law, patents and meteorology.

Localisation is not just a literal translation of the text, but rather it is an adaptation of the original content. This means that the translator must have some sensitivity to and cultural and social knowledge of the target audience.
With the growth of the internet and the globalisation of many businesses and companies, this type of translation has become much more important with brands increasingly focusing on multilingual marketing and SEO strategies.

Other translation services:
Other types of professional translation and associated services that could be required include:

– Software translation
– Technical and Linguistic Revision
– Technical drafting
– Creation and management of terminologies and glossaries
– Transcreation