Why should you invest in the translation of videos?

video translation

Translations of videos is a growing trend, with many companies and brands investing in this kind of service. Largely as a result of social media, videos have become a very fashionable content type that users enjoy.
Here, then, are some reasons why you should invest in translating video.

Reach a larger audience
If your company creates an institutional or product video, you will obviously was as many people as possible to see it, right?
Content translation is an effective way to ensure you achieve this goal without having to invest more money creating a new video. Nowadays, translation companies can do this type of work, either by creating subtitles for other languages or preparing a transcription.

Understand without sound
How often have you watched muted videos on your phone or tablet? And how often have you come across an interesting video and lamented the lack of subtitles so you don’t have to turn the volume up?
We are sure it will have happened to you more than once!
So now you understand the value of subtitles, whether they be in your language or whether they be translated.

Limitations of machine translation software
There is no doubt that machine translation is a valuable help. However, current software programs are very ineffective in the production of consistent and error-free translations.
So, if you want a job done well and carefully, for now at least, this is not the best way forward.

Online positioning
Equally important is the help translation and interpreting offer when positioning a video online. Because of the translation, the video will be easily detected by search engines like Google.
And do you know what that means? More views and more people coming into contact with your business!