E-commerce localisation: why you need it and how to benefit

E-commerce localisation: why you need it and how to benefit

Every online retailer in the modern world needs to have an effective localisation strategy in place if they want to grow internationally and increase brand recognition.

The advantages of these operations are numerous, and have revolutionary effects. For instance, your online presence may become remarkable, which will allow you to enter new localised virtual marketplaces, and you may benefit greatly thanks to a correct localisation and high-quality e-commerce translation of your content.

Localising for the e-commerce industry

As a result of businesses moving their operations online due to the rise of digitalisation, businesses of all sizes are now able to expand internationally. Unlike traditional commerce, electronic commerce enables businesses to advertise and sell their goods or services globally without the need for physical stores or additional costs.

A new report by independent market research firm CSA Research gives us many useful insights into the world of consumer preferences.

If you want to deliver a swift and effective e-commerce experience, you need to understand your customers and communicate with them in their own language. Did you know that the majority of customers prefer to shop from e-commerce websites that provide services in their mother tongue?

In addition, 40% will never buy from websites in other languages. As such, translating your website into English is not enough, even though it is a widely spoken language; and the same is true with other “world languages” such as Spanish and Arabic. Why not invest and reach as many native costumers as possible?

Specifics and SEO

The localisation process does not involve mere translation. It encompasses the rendering of software, product descriptions, website content, and all images displayed – the materials are essentially customised to the tastes of consumers in the relevant target market, taking into account the intended region and its culture.

Tied to this notion is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, which is a process that aims to increase the visibility of a given website in the organic search results of major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

Research shows that customers will have a difficult time finding a website on search engines if SEO is not used. Did you know that 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines?

That is why SEO translation is so important – with multilingual SEO, your website can become equipped for the international market. If we optimise your page using our expertise, the relevant search engines will be able to match your chosen keywords.

All the benefits

  • Increased organic traffic and brand awareness

Naturally, the localised version of your website generates fresh traffic from users who can now browse in their own language.

Many factors may have contributed to those individuals’ initial absence, but the main one is that they were looking for content in their own language, which your website did not offer.

After overcoming this challenge, if your business keeps showing up in customers’ search results, it raises their awareness of your brand. As such, it increases their trust in your business, and they will see you as more than just a supplier of goods or services.

  • More leads and more customers

Do visitors bounce off your website quickly? How much time do they spend on it? And do they browse all pages of the website or do they stick to just one or two?

By implementing SEO, you will have the answers to all of these questions. Content marketing, which depends on SEO, earns 54% more leads than traditional marketing.

Make your content relevant to a user’s search query and they will spend an increased amount of time browsing the website. Once this happens, you will know that the material is effective and related to your customers’ needs, which will certainly drive revenue.

Why you need a translation company

It is important to sit down and actually do the research for each part of the website. Think about which keywords are worth targeting in the new language and prioritise those during the translation process.

Traductanet also offers content creation solutions in a number of languages. Working with an international network of copywriters, we can create texts, documents, and content aimed at different international markets.

If you have a blog you use to promote your business, as experienced professionals we will also be sure to use subheadings and useful links upon publishing, formatting the content throughout.

From simple translation to complex SEO requirements – do not hesitate to contact us if you’re in need of a reliable language provider. Enhance your website’s visibility with us and request a quote!

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