How can you get a certified translation? Five questions and answers

certified translations

Here we explain how to get a certified translation by answering the most frequently asked questions!

1. “What is needed in a certified translation?”
It is important first to check what is required! In this case, what it is they are asking of you. While it might seem simple and even obvious, in the bureaucratic web of red tape, some documents with similar names have very different purposes. This can be complicated even further when dealing with documents from other countries with different laws.
So you should always make sure about what kind of certified translation you need by confirming its purpose. Check that the information to be translated is the required information.

2. ”What kind of official document translation service do I need?
Here, the correct question is, “who is the translation for?” If the document is for an official Portuguese body, for example, some will need it to be certified by a notary public or by the embassy from which it was issued. Documents from foreign bodies must be certified by a notary public and by the Attorney General’s office or the embassy of the country to which the document is destined. Every country will have its own procedures, meaning you must know the destination and purpose of the document to be certified.

3. “Will I need anything else as well as the translation?”
Yes! To be validated and correct, certified translations of documents must be accompanied by:
The original document
If this is not possible, then a certified photocopy
The certification of the translation signed in some countries by a notary public. As noted above, each country has its own procedures of which the translation service provider must be suitably informed.

4. “Where can I get a certified translation?”
As you can see, it is a complex process. All it takes is for one error or mistake to run the risk of the translation being annulled. This is why it is important to seek out an experienced and highly recommended service provider.
Nowadays, it is possible to find translation service providers who can take care of the entire process. That is to say; they will perform the official translation, get it certified and arrange all the necessary documents.

5. “How much does a certified translation cost?”
The cost of certified translations varies. However, the main factors in the price include the number of words and the languages involved. Therefore, you should always say what you want when requesting a price. This way, you will always know, without committing yourself, how much the translation will cost.