When a customer contacts our Interpretation Department to request simultaneous interpretation, we will always request any documents that may help our interpreter prepare in advance.

We are often supplied with the graphical presentation the speaker is basing their presentation on rather than final written version of the talk. This allows the interpreter access to the main ideas, numbers and specific terms used in a particular business, or to devices that will help them understand the speaker’s reasoning.

A professional interpreter will prepare ahead of time by constructing glossaries and studying the topic on which they will be interpreting. It is important to understand the interpreter is an interpretation professional and not a doctor, engineer or physicist, and that they must study the topic in advance to maximise their knowledge. The extensive experience they accumulate by working across many specialist areas, allied with continuous learning, enables professional interpreters to interpret any specialist speaker in any field of knowledge.

Our main concern at Traductanet is to provide our customers with the quality service they deserve, whether that be translation, interpretation, transcreation, software localisation or any multilingual communication.  We are here to help communicate!

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