“Portable” interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation requires the use of technical equipment. This equipment allows the speaker’s voice to be transmitted to the interpreters’ booth, from where it is interpreted on a different channel and sent to the receivers worn by the audience listening to the translation.

However, what happens when simultaneous translation is required for a group that is visiting a space in which it is not possible to use a booth and standard technical equipment? For example, during a visit to a factory or an office?

In such cases, it is possible to use a “portable” system (bidules) that allows the public to hear the interpretation through their earphones. The interpreters travel with the speaker and the group, interpreting without a booth.

Traductanet offers many different simultaneous interpretation and translation solutions. We always use the best-qualified professionals for each project, offering a complete range of multilanguage services, including technical translation, interpretation and software localisation to name but some.

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