Why you should choose a translation company

SMEs often wonder who they should employ to do translations for them.

Should you employ a translation company, or is it enough to just do an online search and get in touch with translators directly? When it comes to price, the decision seems obvious, but you should also ask yourself:


Do I want to take the risk?

 Like in a lot of other industries, a lot of the translators you find online might not be so reputable. As well as translations with average skills and qualifications,  you can run into fraudsters who will provide you with a poor, machine-translated text that you could have got for free.


How do I know if a translator is good or not?

Translation companies like Traductanet select their translators by having candidates undergo a rigorous recruitment process, which is comprised of multiple stages. In addition, texts are only translated by  experts in the relevant field. Traductanet also applies the “four-eyes principle”, with all translated texts being checked by a second translator. This is all part of the price.


How important is speed for me?

When you search for a translator yourself means you are already losing time. Even if you are satisfied you have the right person, what happens if they get sick? We have a huge database of translators and can react quickly when the unexpected occurs. When it comes to it, you won’t even notice that the person who was originally going to do the translation fell sick.


How important is availability for me?

We are available Monday-Friday from 8:00am -6:00pm GMT/BST.


How much of my own time do I want to invest in the translation project?

Here at Traductanet, project management is one of our strengths. Our experienced and multilingual employees keep a level head even when they are dealing with translation jobs involving a huge number of language combinations. They know our best translators, provide you with all the essential information and are there to answer any queries you may have. Naturally, our project managers also keep time in mind and ensure that the translation is delivered on the date you specify. During the process you can sit back without having to constantly check with the translator if everything is going OK.


How important are quality and consistency for me?

For over 30 years, Traductanet has been working with major companies, with high demands when it comes to consistency and using the right terminology. We manage your specialist terminology, using automated processes to help ensure that specific terms are always translated in the same way. This will help your brand image appear more professional and authentic.

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