Traducta receives SME Excellence status for second time

SME Excellence status was established by the Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (IAPMEI) as a way of acknowledging, through reputation, the value of SMEs with superior performance profiles.

Traducta, which received an SME Excellence award in 2004, has again achieved this important status, this time as a result of its 2014 performance in the economic-financial and management areas.

SME Excellence status is awarded each year to “PME Líder” companies, recognising those presenting the best economic-financial and management results across various sectors of activity.

SME Excellence status is part of IAPMEI’s business segmentation programme, which seeks to increase the visibility, improve conditions for financing and enhance the competitiveness of the SME sector with greater risk profiles, the growth strategies of which are important levers for the country’s economic growth.

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